So blessed yet so cursed to invest in our village as farmers

“We have a serious disease in our villages, where we just sell the forest reserves and wildlife resources to outsiders to open farms, jeopardizing other Indigenous farms, destroying the environmental resources and killing the prospects of other Indigenous persons. It's a very wicked culture, supported by some external elites in the towns. In the coming years Indigenous communities will not be land owners but local beggars waiting for the next casket from the city or abroad to have a free meal and beer”.

Are we blessed yet so cursed in the villages
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“The abuse of power, a lack of transparency, jealously, selfishness, and greediness secret land dealings, and bribery continue to ravage our villages and forests, and these examples illustrate why these major cancers are barriers to our social, economic, and human development in our villages in Cameroon. As Indigenous investors in Cameroon, we are still being affected by scandals of hate, intimidation, human rights abuses and environmental crimes in our villages”.

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